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Wetlands Identification and Delineations

Locating wetlands on your property is often the first stage of a project, especially during the “due diligence” phase of a land purchase.  For large or more complex projects, local, state and federal agencies may require more formal wetland delineations.

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Erosion & Sedimentation Control

Phoenix holds certifications to perform stormwater erosion and sedimentation control inspections in Florida, Georgia and Maryland.  We are available to design, implement and manage your project for compliance with Best Management Practices. Our experienced inspectors will work to ensure compliance … Continue reading

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Phase I/II ESAs

The Phoenix Environmental Group, Inc. conducts Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) in accordance with the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard E-152705. Phase I ESAs are invaluable when it comes to protecting a prospective buyer … Continue reading

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Utility Services

Phoenix provides detailed wetland mapping, threatened / endangered species surveys, environmental permitting and management plans for species protection for power utility companies.

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The GPS system is normally used to create accurate maps of any site. Any features can be mapped and the resulting map will show the feature’s true size and shape. Measurements for length or acreage will be readily available, both … Continue reading

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Environmental Permitting

Experienced Phoenix personnel come from a variety of backgrounds include both state, federal and private enterprise. So whether you need an ERP, WRP, CCCL, NOI, ESA….you name the acronym and we’ve done it! Applying for the maze of regulatory and … Continue reading

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Mine Services

We provide permitting and associated services for the entire life of mine. We have over 20 years’ experience in permitting mine activities for companies mining phosphate, rock and sand, and attapulgite. Experience counts in navigating the regulatory hurdles facing private businesses … Continue reading

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